Choosing Taleya to be my Realtor was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was my first time purchasing a home, so naturally this was a stressful and new process for me. Taleya helped to make my first home purchase stress-free and enjoyable. Before we even searched for houses in my desired locations, she sat down with me in a free consult and reviewed the whole buying process, all the steps that are included, what I can expect, as well as the different types of mortgages I may qualify for. After that, I felt much more knowledgeable and was ready to start viewing homes. She set me up with two advanced search inquires that she pays extra for on her own for her clients that yield more homes than the online searches (Zillow, Trulia,, etc) do. Most Realtor’s only provide one of these features for their clients and Taleya provides both to let the home buyer decide which one they like best. When time came to view the homes, she set up the desired route and usually showed me anywhere from 5-10 homes on a given day to not tire myself out or think of too many homes all at once. She also never once tried to force me or persuade me to purchase any home and the moment I said any home was not for me, that was it: we would leave and check out another home. She always said she will always back up and support and respect the buyer 100% with their decision and that is just what she did. She would make suggestions and give her best advice, but always let the final decision come down to the buyer. As far as knowledge, there really is no one even a close second to her. She has all the advanced software to finding new homes, knows about the different type of mortgages I may qualify for, and is great at picking houses once you give her some information on the types of homes you seek and the different types of features you want the home to have. We were always on the same page and she was always ahead of the game. She also planned great routes ahead of time so we were not stuck driving all over the place and going back and forth. She is very organized, knowledgeable, and 100% committed to her job. She also was available anytime I needed her and there were plenty of days she would show me houses on Saturdays and Sundays. Many different Realtors would try and make me adjust to fit their schedule for showings, but not Taleya, she adjusted to your schedule. She is very kind, professional, and it is no coincidence why she is always finishing tops in sales out of all her other coworkers, because she will go above and beyond the call of duty to find the perfect home for anyone. Her fellow assistants Paige and Danielle also are wonderful and both have helped me on numerous occasions with calling me for any updates or even driving to meet me and give me any documents I wanted. I cannot say enough kind things about Taleya and the rest of her staff. I tell all my friends and family about her to contact her when they decide to purchase or sell their home. There is no doubt in my mind if and when I decide to sell my condo and get my own house in the future, I will most definitely contact Taleya to work for me.